Soft Skate

LENGTH 320mm
WIDTH 235 mm
HEIGHT 100mm

Eliminate damage to load sensitive floor coverings when moving heavy loads.
The Soft Skate incorporates six large polyurethane covered load rollers running on ball bearings.
The Soft Skate is designed for load moving in factory or warehouse where existing floors are sensitive to load damage. Large loads can now be moved over painted, vinyl or timber floors without the time or effort of overlaying .
The Soft Skate has been proven to be indispensable for moving and installing equipment into established printing and knitting factories, and for laying out showrooms and exhibition centres.
The Soft Skate handles older floors where exposed aggregate and cracks are a problem, and the generous proportions of the support frame eases bulky loads over uneven areas. When selecting the number of skates required it must be recognised that uneven or dished floor panels may produce an overload situation.



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