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The Versatility of the

Pramac MX Series

A sturdy hand-pumped stacker with capacities up to 800kg and a maximum lift of 1.6 metres may sound fairly straight forward.

But attach an arbour to the front and you come up with an excellent way to handle paper rolls.

A simple attachment available on our full range of Stackers, the arbour can be used for anything with a core hole.

Just another way Merton solves industry problems.  Click here for details on how this may be useful in your own application.

The MX416 before modifications......and after, complete with arbour.







60 Litre Drum Handling Problems?

While 205 litre drums may be the industry norm, not everybody uses them!

So for customers that have smaller drums (like the 60 litre ones shown to the right) who still need to shift them, a Triple Head Rim Gripper is ideal.

We can manufacture them in single and double configurations also.  But no matter what size you go for, you still get the benefits of rim gripping: no drum damage and an easy lift every time.

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The Triple Rim-Grip Solution

Container Ramps

For any company that imports goods, a good quality Container Ramp is an absolute must.

Ours stand up to the wear-and-tear of the outdoors while giving a reliable surface to grip on when using Pallet Trucks and Hand Trucks.

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Container Ramp - Sturdy and Robust

Bulk-Bag Carrier

Bulk-Bag importers will know - unloading the bags from a container is no easy task.

The solution is a Merton Bulk-Bag Carrier - a fork hoist attachment manufactured to your specific requirements - that makes the job quick and efficient.

It eliminates the need for staff to directly handle the bag thus producing a safer working environment.

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Bulk-Bag Carrier - Huge Capacity