Drum Lifter Rotator

The Merton Drum Lifter Rotator is engineered to enable the operator to lift, transport and rotate to decant, from almost any type of metal or plastic 200 litre drum.
The clamp has a large range of screw adjustment to handle food, non-food, poptop, damaged drums and plastic kegs.

The gearbox is self locking, with a ratio of 60:1 to give one hand rotation to half drums of thick liquid.
The wheels are 200mm nylon, iron or heavy polyurethane and the hydraulic jack is a modified Merton Pallet Truck unit, available in two ratios, to handle heavy or light loads. The control to the hydraulic system is a finger lever through a flow control valve.

With the Merton Drum Lifter Rotator one person can now handle 250kg of product in drums, lift to 1.5 metres and decant without assistance.


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